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We're a boutique public relations and social media optimization firm. We're devoted to creating innovative, natural, local, traditional and social media strategies for our clients brands, services and products. To generate the biggest buzz and media attention in our ever evolving world of marketing. No public relations strategy is the same and cookie cutter methods are never effective.

Now in our 4th year providing public relations, marketing and media management services BethanyEast PR & Mgmt. Consulting has been recognized as a fresh, urban and content-driven firm with intimate ties to a forward thinking consumer community. We have partnered with a number of offices and organizations including the City of San Antonio Economic Development Department, Alamo City Black Chamber of Commerce, Avenida Guadalupe Association and Brooks City Base

So give us a call today and let's take your PR strategy to the next level.

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We have packages to suit everyone, from clients who may have not dabbled in PR all the way to ambitious clients who've launched large campaigns in the past.


We're an AABE, ESBE, MBE, SBE and HUB certified company.
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Yes, we have our newswires - of course we write well. But we also use a mix of Inbound and Traditional Marketing to provide our clients with a unique set of opportunities.

Several of our Clients

"With a concierge firm at their fingertips, clients not only get an excellent service but their individual plans and ideas are taken personally."
Christian Reed-Ogba, C.O.O

About Us

We're a team of enthusiastic and pioneering reputation makers who create inspiring and innovative consumer engagement strategies for our clients.

Christian Reed-Ogba

Christian Reed-Ogba

Co-Founder & COO

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" Getting our clients the media and influencer attention they deserve is my number one goal. "
Uchennaya Ogba

Uchennaya Ogba

Co-Founder & CEO

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" Properly translating a client’s passion into words through the art of visual content. "

Case Studies

These are some of the brands we've worked with or are working with.

Westin Riverwalk Case Study

Westin Riverwalk Case Study

Public Relations, Social Media Management

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Client: Westin Riverwalk
Date: May 2013
Public Relations
Social Media Management
Avenida Guadalupe, 16deSeptiembre

Avenida Guadalupe, 16deSeptiembre

Event PR, Nonprofit PR, Public Relations, San Antonio, Webdesign

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Avenida Website
Client: Microsoft
Date: 11/02/2012
Event PR
Social Media Marketing
Sponsorship Solicitation
Ad Placement
Contract Mgmt.
Eva’s Heroes: Celebrity Casino Night

Eva’s Heroes: Celebrity Casino Night

about us, Illustration, in the news, media management, Photography, pro bono, Public Relations, what we do

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Eva's Heroes Website
Client: Microsoft
Date: 11/02/2012
Event PR
Strategic Communication
Social Media Consulting

Our Blog

News, comments, and hints on clients and public relation news as well as current information on agency's development.

Aug 29 2014

Why I hired my 73-year old aunt …

to manage client and project relations.  And, why she’s great at it! When I first embarked on building a team for my small business I looked for advice everywhere.  I remember a brief conversation I had with my neighborhood grocer about whether my shopping cart depicted me as an “easy person to work

Mar 05 2014

Hashtag #StopTaggingMe

This blog may be more geared towards Facebook and Twitter “marketers”.  And I hold it very dear.  Before  these two networks turned commercial they were a means of staying in touch and sharing memories and pictures between friends now the benefit of the tag is more prevalently used party

Mar 04 2014

No More Sneaking Around

Don’t hide your motives. Ok, you read our last blog, and we aren’t judging, but you kinda identified with some of our definitions of a “sneaky marketer”.  Don’t be dismayed.  We’re here to help. This will not be easy. Rule #1 – Do not assume you are smarter than your intended audience.  People

Mar 03 2014

Identifying Sneaky Marketing

Offence Taken! Marketing is a skill that should be done in stealth, but should also be creative enough to be easily identified with by designated audiences. However, marketers should not think that they are at all smarter than their audiences; instead they are comrades in an effort to increase oppor...

Jan 19 2014

Strategy + Relationships = Success

Month’s ago the genius behind The Mighty Group, Sho Napkodia, tasked #TeamOgba to host an event during San Antonio’s second annual celebration of DreamWeek. Of course we obliged, we can’t say no to Sho. Fast forward, Good People Mixer was an enormous success and the BethanyEast PR teamed turned our

Jan 07 2014

Networking Now What? The Follow Up

Being a business owner for a little over 5 years now, I’ve begun to recognize one thing.  Everyone that I’ve met is apparently so happy to meet me at that moment.  But once that moment passes, there’s a large possibility that nothing will happen.  Meeting people, although the basis

Jan 01 2014

Get Ahead In Business …With Your Body

I know what you’re thinking, “Did he just say we should whore our bodies out to get ahead?” No.  But, you need to have the proper body language to clearly communicate your ideas, pitch your business, ask for that raise, help a co-worker, be a loved boss and get results. When I am meeting a...

Dec 17 2013

#GivePR – Special for San Antonio Small Business

Our team sat down this week.  We  wanted to think of ways we could help San Antonio small businesses, introduce our services to a wider audience of entrepreneurs.  What we came up with is nothing short of amazing. This year we are featuring a small, yet influential, public relations package that inc

Dec 05 2013

Tips for Engaging Bloggers – PR Tips

We are continuing to converse on how publicist can better interact with bloggers.  What did you really think of the last post?  We shared it with a few bloggers and got some great feedback on Facebook, check out the BethanyEast PR Fanpage. Okay, let’s jump right into where we left off …

Dec 03 2013

Interacting with Bloggers – PR Tips

Being in PR for more than 5 years means that you’ve probably caught the brunt of the social media boom and its effect on gaining media attention.  The same thing goes for bloggers, especially those who may have grown their blogs to a steady flow of followers, readers and friends.  Blog sites have cr

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We'll never stop talking about you!
We work hard to place our clients in the news.

“Thanks so much for your support of Camp GenTX 2013...I look forward to working with you both in the future”
Ariane, Generation Texas

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We Write

  • Inbound Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Newsletter
  • Blogs
  • Product Placement
  • Sponsorships